Project – Two-tone Letters


Today’s project is two-tone letters, as in the sample above. Following is the video which shows you how to do that.

For those who are getting this by e-mail, the video doesn’t seem to want to come along with the e-mail, so click here to get to the post and the video.

Enjoy! And please send me samples of your work – which I will add to this post later. (Speaking of which, check last week’s post as well for a lovely example of that project.)

PS. Just found this sample from my Calligraphy Journal:


Project – Feathered Borders

I thought this week I would share a project with you. It’s quite a simple one to do and makes a nice set of feathered borders for a line of calligraphy – especially if you are working on a long narrow piece of paper, like an accordion card or book.

So here’s the video showing you how to do this. Enjoy!

If you would like to send me pictures of your projects using this idea, I’ll add some of your images to this post later.




Here’s an example from one of the DPC subscribers who tried this project. Thanks to Kathleen Cavanaugh who lives in a rural area of southern Indiana. She often uses calligraphy to personalize handmade notecards, bookmarks, etc. Kathleen even included the instructions for how she made this, which I thought I would share in case it might be of use to others.

“I used a piece of soft pastel for the feathering, and after adding the text I scanned the page into my computer. Then used the tools in Picasa to crop, vignette, tone, and then make a collage using one of my photos for background. Finally, used another tool to add the mat and frame.”

Thanks Kathleen!

Welcome to the New Dancing Pen Calligraphy

Dear Dancing Pen Calligraphy Community,

Five years ago with high hopes I started a website called Dancing Pen Calligraphy. And then – as they say – life happened. And the website got put on hold. I certainly did not expect it to be this long till I got back at it – and some of you have probably forgotten all about signing up here.


Well – I’m back and excited about being able to welcome you to the NEW Dancing Pen Calligraphy!

There are new things in the works:
New website
New products –instruction via a membership site – in progress
New information – coming by e-mail

One of the first things on my new to-do list was to set up a new website with a blog – you can check it out here – Dancing Pen Calligraphy. The home page is the blog – and the blog posts (starting soon) will come to you as e-mails. I’ve moved over pretty much everything I want to from the old site – and I’ve started adding new information – so we are ready to go!

This new site will make it easier for you to search for information. It will also make it easier for me to add information to the site and to get that out to you. It will help DPC to become a community where we can share with and learn from each other.

One of the things I was planning to offer and that you have requested is instruction. So new products are coming soon – A Calligraphy Basics course (almost done), followed by a Basic Italic course (in progress). I’ve decided to do this as online courses which will be available through a membership program. The reason I did that is because I wanted a way to continue to grow the programs as we go along. This way I can add to the programs – and once you’ve paid for a course – it’s available to you online anytime and whatever I had to the course later you get for free.

My goal over the next while is to get new information to you on a weekly basis. This will come as e-mails – like this one – at least once a week.

One of the e-mails I want to send you soon is a survey or questionnaire. There is so much I could share with you – but what I really want to know is – what do you want when it comes to calligraphy? So start thinking about that this week – maybe even make a list of what you want – so that when you get the survey, you’ll have some great ideas to help me decide where to go from here.

I have to admit I sometimes wondered if I would ever make it back. But I never completely gave up hope. While there are no guarantees about what the future holds, I have decided to come back and get things going again. There will likely be bumps in the road – I have a husband with health issues – and sometimes that will have to take priority. So I’ll do the best I can.

Thank you to all of you who subscribed and stuck around. I’m hoping you’ll be glad you did! Thank you to those who sent ASK! requests, to those who sent notices about faulty links, and so on. Thank you also to those who sent words of encouragement along the way – it’s because of you that I didn’t give up. It meant a lot to me.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and to this new journey together.

To dancing pens and joyful creativity,
Evelyn Grace Marinoski

PS. Here’s some of the new stuff I’ve added recently:
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