February Updates

Hi everybody,

Sorry I missed the past two weeks – some unexpected things came up, including that I got laid off from my job because of changes going on. That has certainly added some complications to my life which I wasn’t planning on, but it now means that I will have more time to do things with DPC – and I’m happy for that.

Just a reminder though that I will still have to move sometime in the next six weeks, and I still have lots of packing to do, so things may be rather hit and miss with the blogposts and e-mails over the next two months or so.

I wanted to start including some other posts as I had time and as I found things that I thought would be interesting or inspiring for you. These are posts that will be found on the DPC blog, but they will not be sent out as e-mails. So I will include links for them in the e-mail post. Here’s some for this week:

Book – The Art of Calligraphy
Video – The Making of Manuscripts