Privacy Policy

I value my privacy when it comes to the internet, and I thoroughly dislike spam. So any information you submit via this site will be treated with the respect I would want my information given.

Therefore, my privacy policy is that your information will never be sold, rented or otherwise given out to anyone else, and will only be used for purposes relating to Dancing Pen Calligraphy.

To protect you, I use a double opt-in system, so when you register to become a member of Dancing Pen Calligraphy, you’ll get an e-mail asking you to confirm that. Just click the confirmation link.

While I hope you won’t ever want to, the e-mail system I use allows you to unsubscribe any time you want – so the control for that is in your hands.

If you send an ASK! please note that it comes as an e-mail to me – which means I will have access to your e-mail address. I will only use that e-mail address to reply to your ASK! comment or question. It will not be added to any mailing list.