Dancing Pen Calligraphy is set up as primarily a membership site. There are several reasons for this.
• I wanted you to have access to the courses and information at your convenience.
• I wanted to be able to add updates and additional information.
• I wanted you to be able to add extra courses to your membership and have them all available in one place.

So here’s how this works.

It starts with you getting your DPC Intro Membership here (coming shortly).

Then I would suggest you add the DPC Calligraphy Basics course – which is the foundation for pretty much any course after that. I’ve priced it reasonably so that it wouldn’t be a big deal to get it.

From there you can choose any course you want. If you are just starting to learn calligraphy, I would strongly suggest you start with DPC Basic Italic. This is a very beautiful and versatile alphabet, so it is a great one for doing your initial learning in calligraphy.

Listed below are the various Membership courses available (or soon to be available), along with the topics included in each course. Please note that if you are a member, simply sign in to your membership in the right sidebar and you will be able to access the course(s) you have acquired.

If you are not a member, please start by signing up for the FREE Intro Membership. That will give you the option to add other courses to your membership.

If you are a member and would like to add another course to your membership, there are links with each course where you can go to add that to your membership.

If you click on the links below and you aren’t a member, or you haven’t signed in, you will end up on a Oops page that will let you know this is a member-only page.

Please note: the following are in the process of being developed. The Intro Membership and Calligraphy Basics are done and will be available shortly. Work has started on the Basic Italic Class.

DPC Intro Membership

  • A Calligraphy Checklist
  • Flourishing Sample Pages
  • Letter Spacing – a sample section from the Calligraphy Basics course
  • Journal Sample Pages from the EGM Calligraphy Journal
  • A list of over 200 uses for calligraphy
  • A list of over 70 wedding calligraphy ideas
  • A list of over 80 products made with calligraphy
  • more to come …

DPC Calligraphy Basics

  • An Introduction to Calligraphy
  • The Learning Process
  • Basic Calligraphy Supplies
  • Setting Up for Calligraphy
  • Protecting Your Writing Surface
  • Practice/Homework
  • Some Basic Terminology for Calligraphy
  • Parts of a Letter
  • Calligraphy Pens
  • Calligraphy Inks
  • Calligraphy Practice Strokes & Exercises
  • Letter Spacing
  • Word Spacing
  • Line Spacing
  • Design & Layout
  • Flourishing
  • Left-handed Calligraphy
  • Swipe/Inspiration Files
  • Alphabet Sentences
  • Calligraphy Tips
  • Using a Light Table
  • Getting Help
  • more to come …

DPC Italic – Basic

  • Welcome to the class
  • Supplies List
  • Prerequisite – Calligraphy Basics
  • Using the Copy Pages
  • Practice/Warmup Strokes
  • The Building Block Strokes for Italic
  • The Letters – Upright
  • A-Z – lower case
  • A-Z – upper case