Intro Membership

Welcome to the Intro Membership, the first level in the DPC Membership program.

Here you will find an assortment of free items. Some are gifts to you – just because I like to do that now and again. Others are samples from new products being added, so that you get a chance to see what’s included in that product.

More items will be added from time to time, so now that you’ve signed up, you will automatically get whatever will be added here later.

Check out this list of free goodies!

DPC Calligraphy Checklist
Flourishing Sample Pages
A list of over 200 uses for calligraphy
A list of over 70 wedding calligraphy ideas
A list of over 80 products made with calligraphy


Samples from new products being added:
Letter Spacing – a sample section from the Calligraphy Basics course
Journal Sample Pages from EGM Calligraphy Journal