Here are the products available through Dancing Pen Calligraphy: (Coming soon!)

Membership Level 1 – Intro Membership
Your start to the Dancing Pen Calligraphy Membership – a series of freebies including:
• A Calligraphy Checklist
• A list of over 200 uses for calligraphy
• A list of over 70 wedding calligraphy ideas
• A list of 80+ Products made with calligraphy
• Calligraphy Journal sample pages
• Flourishing samples
• Card Masters
• An Envelope pattern
• And more to come…
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Membership Level 2 – Calligraphy Basics
• This membership includes all the basics you need to know for pretty much any calligraphy you want to learn or do. This includes:
• An Introduction to Calligraphy
• The Learning Process
• Basic Calligraphy Supplies
• Setting Up for Calligraphy
• Protecting Your Writing Surface
• Practice/Homework
• Some Basic Terminology for Calligraphy
• Parts of a Letter
• Pens & Inks
• Calligraphy Practice Strokes & Exercises
• Letter Spacing
• Word Spacing
• Line Spacing
• Design & Layout
• Flourishing
• Left-handed Calligraphy
• Swipe/Inspiration Files
• Alphabet Sentences
• Calligraphy Tips
• Using a Light Table
• Getting help
• And more to come…
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Membership Level 3 – Basic Italic
I think Italic is one of the best alphabets to begin with when learning calligraphy. Here you will learn the basics that will stand you in good stead for all kinds of other alphabets as well. Included here is:
• Welcome to the class
• Supplies List
• Prerequisite – Calligraphy Basics
• Using the Copy Pages
• Practice/Warmup Strokes
• The Building Block Strokes for Italic
• The Letters – Upright
• A – Z – lower case
• A – Z – upper case
• Numerals & Punctuation
• And more…
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The EGM Calligraphy Journal
A XX-page e-book containing the pages of Evelyn’s personal calligraphy ideas journal. Check out some sample pages here.
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Personal Calligraphy Coaching
If you would like personal coaching for your calligraphy, please contact Evelyn for details.
Membership Level 4 –
Membership Level 5 –

Upcoming courses include:

  • Italic Variations
  • Italic Flourishing
  • Italic Projects
  • etc